*Raw Milk *Grass-Fed Butter * Grass-fed Beef and Lamb *Soy-free Pork and Chicken!
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Most Delicious Roast Beef Ever!
We served it at our Church dinner this past weekend, and everybody ate more then we expected! We love it cuz it is easy to make, and comes from a cheaper cut of beef! (Serves 2-4 Meals)
Healthy Eggnog
Eggnog is a very old fashioned drink. Usually used as medicine, it's now a well known fancy holiday beverage. Store-bought options are loaded with additives, a ridiculous amount of sugar, and less than 2% egg yolks, plus doesn't taste good at all! Why not make it at home with healthy farm-direct ingredients? After all, it's quick and easy and festive! Plus almost all the ingredients are available from our Farm, so you support the Cows and Chickens with every ounce you drink!
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