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Welcome to Clearview Farm PMA

The Amish Family Farm!

We offer a full list of Foods that were almost all made directly on our Family Farm, Like: Raw Milk, Dairy Products, and Butter from 100% Grass-fed Jersey Cows, Raw Goat's and Sheep's Milk, 100% Grass-fed and Grass-Finished Beef and Lamb, Soy-free Chicken and Turkey, Pastured Pork, Truly Pastured Eggs, Seasonal Produce, Homemade Snacks and Fudge, Gluten-free Items, and so much more.

All our Foods are raised without any Chemicals, Hormones, Antibiotics, Soy, and GMO's. Our Traditional Amish Family Farm practices sustainable, No-waste farming methods in accordance with West A. Price Foundation standards.

And we have Pick-up locations in New Jersey and New York:

We can ship food directly to your front door by UPS:

Struggling to get Healthy Food on the table for your Family?

Or want to eat Clean Foods that will make you feel Better?

Or have Health issues?

You are at the right Place!

Real Foods are known to help many people with serious Health issues like: Diseases, Asthma, Allergies, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Digestive Disorders, Fatigue, Weight Loss and even Cancer.

Even 80% of people with Lactose Intolerance can drink Raw Milk!

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